HOD's Profile


Name : Professor Abosede O. OMONONA (PhD; FCVSN)


Academic and Professional Qualifications:

D.V.M.(Ibadan), M.V.Sc.,Ph.D. (Ibadan), FCVSN

Area of Specialisation:

Wildlife and Environmental Health


 First Floor, Department of Wildlife and Ecotourism Management Building.

E-mail:ao.omonona@gmail.comao.omonona@mail.ui.edu.ng;  aomonona@yahoo.com.uk

Tel: +234-803 7258481


Professor Abosede O. Omonona specializes in Wildlife and Environmental Health having caught her first tooth in Veterinary Medicine from the renowned Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ibadan(1994) followed by Masters of Veterinary Science(1997) from the same Faculty. She proceeded to bag her PhD in Wildlife Management (2005) with special focus on some zoonotic-parasitic helminthes in wildlife, domestic animals and human interface in the defunct Yankari National Park, now Yankari Game Reserve under the aegis of the Wildlife Management unit of the defunct Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Management, University of Ibadan. Professor Abosede O. Omonona’s current research interests span over different burning topics that borders on Wildlife and Environmental Health vis-a-vis parasites and diseases of wild animals under in-situ and ex-situ conservation that are of public health importance, wildlife pests and environmental pollutants.

Professor Abosede O. Omonona started her academic career as a lecturer II on the 2nd of September, 1998 under the defunct Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Management, University of Ibadan and rose to the rank of Professor on the 1st of October, 2015 in the Department of Wildlife and Ecotourism Management of the same University

She has co-authored two books which are edited and published by the University of Ibadan Press: Principles of Zoo Management in Nigeria (2011) and Ecotourism:  Implications on Human and Wildlife Health (2011). She has also published more than seventy-nine articles both in reputable journals and conference proceedings, locally and internationally

Professor Abosede O. Omonona has successfully supervised over thirty BSc projects, four Postgraduate diploma projects; 17 MSc projects; two PhD projects while 4 PhD projects are currently on-going.

She is a Chief Consultant on Wildlife Health under the Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine Clinic of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, University of Ibadan

She attended the Envirovet Summer Institute, Leadership programme for One Health in 2009 organized and co-sponsored by the University of Illinois; UCDAVIS; White Oak Conservation Centre; Harbor Branch, Florida Atlantic University etc in the USA and Tanzania for two months.

Professor Abosede O. Omonona is a member of the Nigeria Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA); Wildlife Diseases Association (WDA); Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF); Wildlife Society of Nigeria (WIMSON) and member of the Society of Toxicology(SON)

She is a recipient of various grants among which are the University of Ibadan Senate Research Grant (UISRG) (2010) and University of Ibadan Research Foundation (UIRFG) (2015)  

She is the current Head of Department of Wildlife and Ecotourism Management, Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources; University of Ibadan.