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Forest Production and Products

I welcome you to the Department of Forest Production and Products, which is strategically positioned in the Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources topromote sustainable production and utilisation of forest resources, as environmental friendly substitutes to non-renewable natural resources. The Department adopts an accommodating approach to ensuring integrity in teaching and impartation of knowledge to students and staff through effective teaching, seminars and relevant field experiences; geared towards producing forestry professionals who are able to engage the changing world in activities geared towards sustainable forest production and utilisation.

The Department has evolved from the sustained yield concept of forest management to a broader scope that focuses on sustainable management of the entirety of ecosystem services and to this end, the Department has developed an underlying philosophy which prepares world-class graduates for the challenges that face the environment and human dependence on it. This is to bridge the gap for trained capacity in the field of forest production and its utilisation while creating pragmatic and sustained solutions to the problems encountered in food, fuel and fibre production; deforestation and forest degradation; loss of tree genetic diversity, forest and climate change as well as poor data management and conservation.

The Department of Forest Production and Products operates in an atmosphere that encourages free flow of knowledge among students and members of staff. The practice had in turn created excellent relationships among current staff, students and professional colleagues within and outside Nigeria. Feedback on our graduates in form of employer’s rating of graduates has been very encouraging.I like to therefore enjoin our new entrants to embrace the conducive learning atmosphere and leverage on the goodwill already established to create niche in the world of Forestry and Environmental Management.