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Academic Programme


The M. Sc., M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees are offered in the Department of Forest Production and Products.  Master of Science (M. Sc.) programme is 18 months and consists of two semesters of lectures and practical sessions with examinations followed by a semester for a study project and dissertation.  Admission is normally open to University graduates in Forestry, Environmental Management, Agriculture, the Biological Sciences or any other relevant discipline.  This programme is essentially an advanced training course for specialist workers.  The period of study may be, in some cases, extended to 2 sessions.  Individual student may be required to offer some prescribed remedial courses without which they cannot graduate.

The Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) requires a minimum of four semesters full-time study after registration or six semesters for part-time candidates.  Further courses and examinations are required but the programme is mainly devoted to work on a research project leading to an original dissertation.  A candidate who has satisfied the requirements for M.Sc. may apply for permission to transfer to M.Phil. Programme. The M.Sc degree would qualify candidates to proceed to M.Phil/ Ph.D. or Ph.D.

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) requires a minimum of six semesters full-time or eight semesters for part-time study. The principal examination is based on the thesis, which must show evidence of the candidate’s ability to draw significant conclusions from his own research. 

Each of the higher degrees thus requires an initial period of study, normally lasting at least one year.  At the end of this year, the two research degrees M.Phil and Ph.D. may be completed after one or two further years of full-time with a corresponding increase of the minimum period.  It is, therefore, possible for an officer in the Administration or in a research institute to return to his base after a year study leave and continue to work for the degree. The M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes in the Department are available in four areas of specialization:

  1. Forest Genetics and Silviculture
  2. Forest Ecology and Biodiversity Management
  3. Forest Products, Processing and Utilisation
  4. Forest Products Chemistry