Students' Society


WESS is a registrered Students’ Association of undergraduate and Postgraduate students in the Deprtment of Wildlife and Ecotourism Management, Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources.

Our core vlues are: Discipline, Honesty, Goodwill, Great Leadership and Environmetnal Consciousnes.

Our activities include:

  • Carrying out programmes to educate the public on wise use of natural resources
  • Exposing our members to repreneurial opportunities available in wildlife, Ecotourism and the Enviromental sector as a whole.
  • Provicing a platform for social interaction among members.

These activities are achieved through seminars, public lectures, social and sporting activities.

The Leadership of the Association is made up of a group of studetns elected by the students of the Department.

The current executives and their portrolia are:

  1. Afolabi Kehinde                     -           President
  2. Rabiu Zainab                           -           Vice President
  3. Sobowale Michael                   -           General Secretary
  4. Oladipo Anjola                       -           Assistant General Secretary
  5. Adegbola Festus                     -           Financial Secretary
  6. Muhammed Mariam                -           Health & Welfare Minister
  7. Oladoja Gbolahan                   -           Public Relations Officer
  8. Adepoju Taiwo                       -           Social Director
  9. Oyewo Habeeb                       -           Sport Director